Star Track inc | Party In Motion inc We are the Premier Food Truck Catering Company on Long Island. We Specialize in Frozen Dessert Catering For Weddings, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, After Party Snack Food Truck, Sweet 16 Parties, Graduations Ice Cream Sundae Push Cart Services, Sweet 16 Italian Ice Rental Cart. Our delicious Sorbet Ice service is a Must for any Occasion, Try our Italian Tartuffo Ice cream with Nuts and Cherries in the center, For any special social event we Serve Italian Gelato Ice Cream And Lemon Sorbet Shells Stuffed With Lemon Sorbet Ices. We also Make fresh Italian Cannoli with Regatta cheese, Hot Summer Days kids and Adults love our Carnival Snow Cone Machine Rental, We supply 4 Flavors of Syrup and plenty of snow cones. Slushy Drinks for kids and Frozen Cocktail rental Machines for Adults. Blue raspberry Slushy, Piña colada slushy, Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Drinks. Margarita Frozen drinks. Our ice cream Sundae rental cart service is Great for employee appreciation Day, Ice cream Sundaes with 12 toppings, 4 Flavors of Premium scooped ice cream

Ice Cream Sundae Services | 12 Toppings | 4 Flavors | Long Island

Product Description: “Ice Cream Sundae Push Cart” Our ice cream sundae services Includes 12 toppings | 4 Flavors Of premium ice cream, all you Can eat. We offer premium design retro ice cream sundae Cart with Premium waitstaff.

Ice Cream Push Cart Services | Sundaes | Gelato | Good Humor | Sorbet | Tartufo | Long Island

Product Description: We offer premium ice Cream Push Cart Services, our Professional waitstaff servers Make ice cream sundae, Italian ices, Creamy Gelato, Good Humor Selections, Italian Tartufo ice Cream and more.

Ice Cream Party Rental | Sundae | Gelato | Italian Ices | Push Carts

Product Description: We offer Premium Dessert Services To Corporations, Schools Homeowners, our retro ice cream push carts can serve / Italian ices Ice cream sundaes, Gelatos, Sorbet, Tartufo, Good Humor.

Italian Ice Push Cart service | Premium Hand Scooped Ices | Long Island

Product Description: Serving the NY area since 1975 Our Premium Italian ice push cart Services offer Corporations, Schools, homeowners Quality frozen dessert services to your Guests and customers.

Italian Ice Party Services | Retro Push Cart Services | Long Island

Product Description: We offer premium Italian ice pushcart Services, birthday parties, corporate picnics, employee appreciation day, public library’s, hospitals, Old fashion Scooped Premium Italian ices service.

Italian ices Catering Services | Corporate Parties | Schools | Sweet 16 | Mitsvah’s | Long Island

Product Description: We offer our Italian Ice Catering Services for Corporation employee Appreciation day, Elementary school carnivals, College campus events, sweet 16 parties, Bar mitzvahs, Try our Fresh hand scooped Italian ice push cart services.

Frozen Desserts Push Cart Services | Gelato | Sundaes | Italian Ice | Sorbet | Long Island

Product Description: Now serving premium “Frozen Dessert Push Cart Services” We offer Italian Ices, Ice cream Sundaes, Gelato, Sorbet Selection, Tartufo ice cream, Good Humor

Italian Frozen Dessert Push Cart Services | Gelato | Sorbet | Tartufo Long Island NY

Product Description: Now offering professional Italian Frozen Dessert Push Cart Services, Gelato, Sorbet, Tartufo. Italian ice, Our Professional waitstaff can serve 100,s Of Corporate Employees, College campus events, employee appreciation day parties.

Employee Appreciation Week | Frozen Desserts Services | Gelato | Italian Ice | Ice Cream Sundae | Long Island

Product Description: Your Employees deserve the best. Our company can serve 100,s of Of Guests “frozen Italian desserts” Creamy Gelato, Italian Ices served from a retro push cart Fruit flavor tropical sorbet,

Slushy Machine Rental | Long Island | Frozen cocktail machine | Margarita Frozen Drink Machine

Product Description: Our commercial twin bowl slushy Machine Rentals are great for Hawaiian luau parties, corporate events, graduation parties, Try Our frozen cocktail machine rental At your next party, Margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, blue Hawaiian, Piña colada

Frozen Cocktail Drink Machine Rental | Margaritas | Strawberry daiquiri | Piña colada | Blue Hawaiian | Long Island

Product Description: Now offering our Frozen cocktail drink machines Rentals. Our twin Bowl frozen drink machine rental Makes 8 gallons of your favorite Frozen cocktails in 1 hr. We offer Delivery Set up and Pick up service.

Kids Slushy Machine Rental | Long Island | Blue Razz| Wild Cherry | Tigers blood | Cotton Candy

Product Description: Kids Summer Fun Parties, We deliver / set up your kids Frozen Slushy Machine Rental. Our frozen Slushy Flavors are, Blue razz, wild cherry, tigers blood, Cotton candy

Slushy machine Rentals | Frozen Drink Machines Rentals | Long Island | Brooklyn | Queens

Product Description: Serving the NY area since 1975 We offer American Made commercial duty “slushy machine Rentals” Frozen Drink Cocktail machine rentals, Margaritas, piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, blue raspberry, wild cherry, tigers blood

Snow Cone Machine Rentals | Shaved Ice Machine Rentals | Long Island | NYC | Queens

Product Description: Kids love “Snow cone Machines” Our Snowcone Machine Rentals Are Easy to operate, comes with 4 Flavors of Syrup, paper cones, Table and cover, Delivery / Demo, Makes snow cones in 1 minute

Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machines Rentals | Boozy Snow Cones Machines | Long Island We offer the Best “Shaved ice Snow cone Machine Rentals on Long Island Try our Boozy Snow Cones machine at your next Corporate Events, Adult birthday parties, Retirement parties Mix flavored vodka and rum into Our Snow Cones makes a Great Refreshing drink

Carnival Snack Food Rental Machines | Long Island | NYC

Product Description: Having a carnival at your School, Corporate carnival picnic, college Event, our carnival style snack Food rental machines, pop corn Rental machine, Cotton Candy Machine. Snow cone Machine, Slushy Machines, Snow Cones

Snow cone Machine | Cotton Candy | Slushy Machines | Hot Pretzels Warmers | Long Island

Product Description: Our Gold Metal American Made Fun food rental Machines are the Most dependable machines in the industry, Our Rental Machine’s Include, Pop Corn, Carnival Cotton Candy Snow cones, Hot Jumbo Pretzels Italian Ices, Nachos / Cheese

Long Island Concession Machines Rentals | Brooklyn | Queens | NY Our Retro Style” Concession machine rentals” Our American Made Rental Machines are Available for rental or Catering Service Events, Food Truck Services, Fun Food Push Cart Services, Weddings After Party Snack Services

Concession Food Rental Machines | Ice Cream Carts | Italian Ice Carts | Gelato Carts | Sorbet | Tartufo Long Island | Brooklyn | NYC

Product Description: We offer top quality concession Food service, Italian Ice Push Cart service, Ice Cream Sundae Push carts, Italian Gelato Push Cart service, Late night Weddings Fun Food Services.